1: Discover why Young Sheldon's success could overshadow The Big Bang Theory spinoff.

2: Examining the challenges facing The Big Bang Theory's Next Spinoff.

3: Could the legacy of Young Sheldon be a hindrance for the new spinoff?

4: Why Young Sheldon season is setting The Big Bang Theory's Next Spinoff up to fail.

5: Young Sheldon's popularity may be a tough act to follow for the spinoff.

6: Unpacking the potential reasons behind The Big Bang Theory spinoff's potential failure.

7: Comparing the success of Young Sheldon to the uncertain future of the spinoff.

8: Why The Big Bang Theory's Next Spinoff may struggle to live up to expectations set by Young Sheldon.

9: Will the shadow of Young Sheldon be too much for The Big Bang Theory spinoff to overcome?

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