1: "Looking directly at an eclipse can cause permanent eye damage. Protect your eyes with proper glasses."

2: "The sun's UV rays can burn the retinas, leading to blindness. Use eclipse glasses or a pinhole projector."

3: "Even during a partial eclipse, it's still not safe to look at the sun without protection. Stay safe!"

4: "Photographing an eclipse without proper filters can damage your camera and eyes. Take precautions."

5: "Protect children and pets during an eclipse by keeping them indoors or supervising them with proper eyewear."

6: "Watching an eclipse through an unfiltered telescope or binoculars can cause serious eye damage. Be cautious."

7: "Be mindful of fake eclipse glasses. Make sure they are ISO-certified to protect your eyes."

8: "Eclipse-related eye injuries are preventable with the right precautions. Enjoy the event safely."

9: "Consult an eye care professional if you experience any discomfort or vision changes after viewing an eclipse."

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