1: Tulsa King Casting Company halts operations following Sylvester Stallone's controversial comments about background actors.

2: Stallone faces backlash after allegedly belittling extras in the film industry, prompting Tulsa King to disassociate.

3: Background actors demand respect as Tulsa King Casting Company takes a stand against Stallone and his disparaging remarks.

4: Industry professionals stand in solidarity with Tulsa King Casting Company as they refuse to work with Stallone.

5: Stallone's reputation tarnished after Tulsa King Casting Company quits over mistreatment of background actors.

6: Fans express disappointment in Stallone as Tulsa King Casting Company's decision highlights the importance of respecting all individuals on set.

7: Tulsa King Casting Company's bold move sparks a much-needed conversation about the treatment of background actors in Hollywood.

8: Stallone issues apology as Tulsa King Casting Company's departure serves as a wake-up call for the entertainment industry.

9: Tulsa King Casting Company's empowering stance against mistreatment of background actors sets a new standard for ethical practices in film production.

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