1: 1. Maintain eye contact for confidence. 2. Smile to appear approachable and friendly.

2: 3. Stand tall to exude strength and authority. 4. Use open gestures for a welcoming vibe.

3: 5. Mirror the other person’s body language for rapport. 6. Avoid crossing arms for a more open demeanor.

4: 7. Nod during conversations to show understanding. 8. Use hand gestures to emphasize points.

5: 9. Relax your shoulders to appear more at ease. 10. Lean in slightly to show interest in the conversation.

6: 11. Avoid fidgeting to appear confident and composed. 12. Keep your hands visible for transparency.

7: 13. Use a firm handshake for a positive first impression. 14. Uncross your legs to appear more engaged.

8: 15. Maintain a neutral facial expression to signal attentiveness. 16. Speak with a calm and steady tone of voice.

9: 17. Practice mindful breathing to stay present in interactions. 18. Use body language to convey positivity and warmth.

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