1: Discover the Yorkshire Terrier's origin in England in the 19th century, bred for catching rats in mines.

2: Learn about the Yorkie's small size but big personality, making them popular companions.

3: Uncover the Yorkie's long, silky coat that requires regular grooming to keep it looking its best.

4: Explore the Yorkie's intelligence and ability to learn tricks quickly with positive reinforcement.

5: Find out that Yorkies may be small, but they have a bold and protective nature when it comes to their families.

6: Did you know Yorkies are excellent watchdogs, alerting their owners to any potential danger with their barking?

7: Learn how Yorkies are sensitive to cold weather and may need extra layers during the winter months.

8: Discover the Yorkie's adaptability to apartment living, as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

9: Uncover the Yorkie's tendency to develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods, needing companionship.

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