1: 1. "Hidden Figures" - Taraji P Henson shines as mathematician Katherine Johnson in this inspiring true story. 2. "Empire" - Henson's portrayal of Cookie Lyon is iconic on the hit TV show. 3. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - Henson delivers a heartfelt performance as Benjamin's mother.

2: 4. "Hustle & Flow" - Henson's role as Shug leaves a lasting impression in this gritty drama. 5. "The Best of Enemies" - Henson captivates as civil rights activist Ann Atwater in this powerful film. 6. "No Good Deed" - Henson showcases her range in this intense thriller opposite Idris Elba.

3: 7. "Person of Interest" - Henson's guest appearance as Joss Carter is a standout on the TV series. 8. "Think Like a Man" - Henson's comedic timing shines in this romantic comedy ensemble. 9. "Acrimony" - Henson delivers a raw and emotional performance as a scorned wife seeking revenge.

4: 10. "Proud Mary" - Henson is a force to be reckoned with as a hitwoman seeking redemption in this action-packed film. 11. "Date Night" - Henson's cameo as Detective Arroyo adds a touch of humor to the comedy. 12. "Baby Boy" - Henson's portrayal of Yvette is raw and real in this urban drama.

5: 13. "Larry Crowne" - Henson's brief but memorable role as B'Ella leaves a lasting impact. 14. "From the Rough" - Henson shines as Coach Starks in this inspiring sports drama. 15. "Four Brothers" - Henson's portrayal of Camille Mercer adds depth to the crime thriller.

6: 16. "Karate Kid" - Henson's memorable role as Sherry Parker adds heart to the remake. 17. "Something New" - Henson showcases her romantic side in this charming comedy. 18. "Term Life" - Henson's role as Samantha Thurman adds intensity to the crime thriller.

7: 19. "Smokin' Aces" - Henson's role as Sharice Watters is a standout in the ensemble cast. 20. "The Family That Preys" - Henson delivers a dramatic performance as Pam in this family drama. 21. "Hair Show" - Henson's comedic talents shine in this beauty shop comedy.

8: 22. "Not Easily Broken" - Henson's portrayal of Clarice Clark adds depth to the romantic drama. 23. "Madagascar" - Henson's voice work as the hippo, Moto Moto, is hilarious in the animated film. 24. "Madagascar 3" - Henson's return as Moto Moto adds fun to the animated sequel.

9: 25. "Peep World" - Henson's role as Mary is a comedic highlight in the dysfunctional family film. 26. "Jacob's Ladder" - Henson's role as Angela adds mystery to the psychological thriller. 27. "Ralph Breaks the Internet" - Henson's role as Yesss is a standout in the animated sequel.

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