1: "The Big Bang Theory" CBS Return Don't miss out on the new spinoff series from CBS!

2: Meet the Characters Get ready to meet new characters in the Big Bang Theory universe.

3: Sheldon's Legacy Discover how Sheldon's legacy continues in the spinoff series.

4: New Storylines Explore the new storylines and adventures in the Big Bang Theory spinoff.

5: Easter Egg #1 Uncover hidden Easter eggs that connect the spinoff to the original series.

6: Easter Egg #2 Did you spot these subtle references in the Big Bang Theory spinoff?

7: Easter Egg #3 Check out the Easter eggs that pay homage to the beloved characters.

8: Easter Egg #4 Find out which Easter eggs were hidden in plain sight in the spinoff.

9: What's Next? Stay tuned for more updates on the Big Bang Theory spinoff series!

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