1: "The Big Bang Theory" Expands with New Spinoff Series Explore CBS's latest addition to the beloved franchise in March 2024.

2: Episode 1: Penny's Proposal Fans still debate Penny's decision to propose to Leonard. What do you think?

3: Episode 2: Sheldon's Nobel Prize Did Sheldon truly deserve the Nobel Prize win? Share your thoughts.

4: Episode 3: Raj's Romantic Rollercoaster Raj's love life continues to spark controversy among fans. Join the debate.

5: Behind-the-Scenes: Creating the TBBT Universe Discover the secrets behind bringing the iconic show back to life.

6: Meet the New Cast Members Get to know the fresh faces joining the TBBT universe in the spinoff.

7: Exciting Crossovers Ahead Teasers hint at crossover episodes with the original TBBT characters. Are you ready?

8: Fan Theories and Speculations Explore the latest fan theories surrounding the return of TBBT. What are your predictions?

9: Exclusive Interviews with the Cast Get insider insights from the cast members about the upcoming series. Don't miss out!

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