1: "The Queen's Gambit" "Stranger Things" "Black Mirror" "Money Heist" "Breaking Bad"

2: "The Crown" "Ozark" "Narcos" "Peaky Blinders" "BoJack Horseman"

3: "The Witcher" "The Haunting of Hill House" "Unorthodox" "Dark" "The Umbrella Academy"

4: "The Office" "Friends" "Parks and Recreation" "Schitt's Creek" "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

5: "The Mandalorian" "The Boys" "Game of Thrones" "Westworld" "The Walking Dead"

6: "Better Call Saul" "The Good Place" "Mindhunter" "Stranger Things" "Ozark"

7: "Master of None" "Love on the Spectrum" "The Great British Baking Show" "The Queen's Gambit" "Making a Murderer"

8: "Queer Eye" "The Crown" "Dead to Me" "Black Mirror" "Money Heist"

9: "Breaking Bad" "Orange is the New Black" "Sex Education" "Schitt's Creek" "BoJack Horseman"

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