1: Sydney Sweeney stars in new horror film Immaculate. Is her pregnancy a blessing or a curse?

2: Immaculate trailer leaves fans horrified. Will Sydney Sweeney survive the unholy pregnancy?

3: Mysterious forces haunt Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate. Is the baby truly a miracle?

4: Unravel the chilling tale of Sydney Sweeney's unholy pregnancy in Immaculate.

5: Sydney Sweeney's haunting performance in Immaculate terrifies audiences.

6: Immaculate trailer hints at dark secrets surrounding Sydney Sweeney's pregnancy.

7: Watch Sydney Sweeney face her worst nightmare in Immaculate's creepy trailer.

8: Sydney Sweeney's pregnancy takes a sinister turn in Immaculate. Will she survive?

9: Immaculate promises a spine-chilling experience as Sydney Sweeney battles an unholy pregnancy.

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