1: Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, has an IQ of 6 seconds. Can he spot the lumberjack in the forest?

2: Sherlock Holmes uses his quick wit and observation skills to navigate the dense forest. Can he find the lumberjack in time?

3: The clock is ticking as Sherlock Holmes scans the trees for any signs of the elusive lumberjack. Will he solve the mystery?

4: With only 6 seconds to spare, Sherlock Holmes spots a figure in plaid among the trees. Is it the lumberjack he's been searching for?

5: The lumberjack stands tall, his axe gleaming in the sunlight. Sherlock Holmes approaches, ready to uncover the truth behind his presence.

6: As Sherlock Holmes interrogates the lumberjack, he uncovers a web of lies and deception. Can he solve the case before time runs out?

7: The lumberjack's motives are finally revealed, thanks to Sherlock Holmes' keen intellect. But what secrets still lie hidden in the forest?

8: Sherlock Holmes emerges from the forest victorious, having cracked the case in record time. His IQ of 6 seconds has proven unbeatable once again.

9: The legend of Sherlock Holmes and his incredible intellect lives on as he continues to solve mysteries with lightning speed. His IQ truly is remarkable.

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