1: Exciting news: Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 6 camera details have been leaked! But some are disappointed with the specs.

2: The front camera is rumored to be 16MP, while the main camera is said to be only 12MP. A letdown for some.

3: The telephoto lens is expected to be 12MP, with a periscope design. Will it deliver on zoom capabilities?

4: Video recording may disappoint, with rumors suggesting 8K at 30fps and no 4K at 120fps.

5: Other possible features include 4MP under-display camera technology, but doubts remain about its quality.

6: Fans hope for improvements in image processing, despite the leaked camera details.

7: Will Samsung address the lackluster camera specs in the final release of the Galaxy Z Fold 6?

8: While the leaks are disappointing, Samsung may have surprises in store for its flagship foldable.

9: Stay tuned for updates on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 camera as more details are revealed.

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