1: Meet Rachel Sennott, a troubled comic seeking solace through humor in her new film, I Used to Be Funny.

2: Join Rachel as she navigates trauma, mental health, and the twisted world of comedy in this raw and authentic story.

3: Witness Rachel's journey through self-discovery and adversity as she finds her voice on stage.

4: Laugh, cry, and relate to Rachel's struggles as she humorously confronts her past and present.

5: Explore the complexities of mental health and comedy in a hilarious yet poignant tale.

6: Experience the highs and lows of Rachel's life as a comic with a troubled past in I Used to Be Funny.

7: Discover the cathartic power of stand-up comedy in Rachel Sennott's captivating story.

8: Delve into Rachel's world of wit and vulnerability as she unleashes her truths on stage.

9: Don't miss out on this compelling film that proves even the darkest moments can be transformed into laughter.

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