1: In a postapocalyptic world, Nicolas Cage faces nocturnal creatures in Arcadian trailer.

2: Clad in armor, Cage fights for survival in the dark, dangerous wasteland.

3: Mysterious creatures lurk in the shadows, threatening Cage's existence.

4: Arcadian trailer showcases Cage's intense battle against supernatural foes.

5: A gripping tale of survival and courage unfolds as Cage confronts the beasts.

6: Witness Cage's fearless determination as he takes on the monstrous adversaries.

7: Adrenaline-pumping action scenes captivate in the postapocalyptic setting.

8: Join Cage on his thrilling journey through the desolate and dangerous Arcadian world.

9: In this epic tale of survival, Cage's bravery shines in the face of darkness.

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