1: Meet Riley's new turtleneck-sporting emotion in Inside Out 2 trailer voiced by Maya Hawke.

2: Discover the latest character in Inside Out sequel, beautifully voiced by Maya Hawke.

3: Maya Hawke brings Riley's new emotion to life in the highly-anticipated Inside Out 2.

4: Exciting sneak peek at Inside Out 2 introduces the newest addition to Riley's emotions.

5: Riley's colorful new emotion shines in the Inside Out 2 trailer with Maya Hawke's voice.

6: Experience the emotional journey with Riley's latest emotion, voiced by Maya Hawke.

7: Maya Hawke's enchanting voice brings magic to Riley's new turtleneck-wearing emotion in Inside Out 2.

8: Inside Out 2's trailer unveils Riley's adorable new emotion with Maya Hawke's compelling performance.

9: Get ready for more emotions and fun in Inside Out 2, with Maya Hawke lending her voice to Riley's newest character.

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