1: "Kevin Costner's son, Hayes, takes on his first acting role in Horizon: An American Saga."

2: "The debut trailer for Horizon showcases Hayes Costner's acting talent and promise."

3: "Get a first look at Hayes Costner in action in the exciting new series Horizon."

4: "Kevin Costner's son, Hayes, follows in his father's footsteps with a new acting career."

5: "Horizon: An American Saga introduces Hayes Costner as a rising star in Hollywood."

6: "Watch Hayes Costner shine in the trailer for Horizon: An American Saga."

7: "Kevin Costner's son, Hayes, showcases his acting chops in Horizon's first trailer."

8: "Hayes Costner makes his acting debut in the highly anticipated series Horizon."

9: "Horizon: An American Saga introduces Hayes Costner to the world of acting. Watch the trailer now!"

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