1: Jon Stewart critiques Trump's Gettysburg speech, likening it to a horse giving birth - awkward and painful.

2: Stewart humorously dissects Trump's speech, calling it chaotic like a horse in labor.

3: The comedian mocks Trump's rambling address, comparing it to a horse struggling to deliver.

4: Stewart's humorous analysis of Trump's speech paints a vivid picture of a horse in labor.

5: The analogy of Trump's speech to a horse giving birth highlights its ineptitude and absurdity.

6: Stewart's comparison of Trump's address to a horse birthing encapsulates the sheer chaos of the moment.

7: The comical comparison of Trump's speech to a horse in labor evokes both laughter and disbelief.

8: Stewart's witty critique of Trump's speech as a horse giving birth adds a humorous twist to the political debacle.

9: In a nutshell, Jon Stewart's analogy of Trump's Gettysburg speech to a horse in labor perfectly captures the absurdity of the situation.

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