1: John Cena and Zac Efron star in Ricky Stanicky, where Cena pretends to be Efron's friend.

2: In the hilarious trailer, Cena's character helps Efron create a fake friend named Ricky Stanicky.

3: The duo's chemistry shines as Cena's tough-guy persona contrasts with Efron's charm.

4: Ricky Stanicky becomes a legend, leading to wild adventures with Cena and Efron.

5: Friendship, deception, and laughs ensue as Cena and Efron navigate their fake friendship.

6: John Cena proves he's Zac Efron's ultimate wingman in the new comedy.

7: The trailer showcases Cena's comedic timing and Efron's comedic chops.

8: Audiences can't help but root for Cena and Efron's epic bromance in Ricky Stanicky.

9: Don't miss John Cena and Zac Efron's hilarious new movie, where fake friendship turns into real fun.

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