1: The leaked CAD of the iPhone 16 reveals a larger display and a smaller notch than the iPhone 15.

2: A new camera layout with horizontal lenses is seen on the iPhone 16 CAD, an update from the vertical setup on the iPhone 15.

3: The iPhone 16 CAD suggests a move of the volume buttons to the right side, a change from the left side on the iPhone 15.

4: A lower-speaker grille placement is indicated on the iPhone 16 CAD, contrasting with the bottom placement on the iPhone 15.

5: The CAD leak for the iPhone 16 hints at a slimmer design compared to the iPhone 15, enhancing portability and aesthetics.

6: The iPhone 16 CAD showcases a rearrangement of the antenna bands, offering a fresh look different from the iPhone 15.

7: Better ergonomic support is expected with the curved edges seen on the iPhone 16 CAD, differing from the flat sides of the iPhone 15.

8: The thickness of the iPhone 16 is rumored to be decreased according to the CAD leak, which is a departure from the iPhone 15.

9: Overall, the CAD images of the iPhone 16 promise a more refined and modern design compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15.

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