1: Eli Roth dissects the Borderlands trailer, from Cate Blanchett's transformation to the bizarre monsters.

2: Cate Blanchett stuns in Borderlands as Lilith, while Roth provides insight into her character.

3: Eli Roth reveals the origins of the monsters in Borderlands, some of which shoot urine.

4: Roth unpacks the trailer's action-packed sequences, blending humor and chaos effortlessly.

5: Cate Blanchett shines as Lilith, representing a new take on the iconic Borderlands character.

6: Discover the secrets behind the monsters in Borderlands and their quirky abilities.

7: Eli Roth delves into the world of Borderlands, offering a behind-the-scenes look at its creation.

8: Experience the excitement of Borderlands, from its stellar cast to its unique creatures.

9: Get a closer look at the Borderlands trailer breakdown with Eli Roth's expert analysis.

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