1: Dwayne Johnson wows fans at CinemaCon with dance moves while teasing Moana 2.

2: CinemaCon attendees thrilled as Dwayne Johnson hints at a Splashy Moana 2 sequel.

3: Dwayne Johnson electrifies onstage with dance performance at CinemaCon event.

4: Fans speculate about the plot as Dwayne Johnson hints at Moana 2 release.

5: Dwayne Johnson steals the show with a dazzling dance routine at CinemaCon.

6: Excitement builds as Dwayne Johnson teases audience with news of Moana 2.

7: Dwayne Johnson charms the crowd with his signature dance moves at CinemaCon.

8: Moana fans rejoice as Dwayne Johnson hints at a sequel during CinemaCon appearance.

9: Dwayne Johnson delights fans with his performance while teasing Moana 2 at CinemaCon.

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