1: "Meet the Director" Discover the mind behind the terrifying stop-motion horror film.

2: "Crafting Mini Monsters" Learn how tiny puppets bring big scares.

3: "Creating Nightmares" Explore the art of building suspense through miniature sets.

4: "Behind the Scenes" Uncover the secrets of bringing tiny puppets to life on screen.

5: "The Power of Stop-Motion" See how this classic technique immerses audiences in fear.

6: "Tiny Terrors" Find out why small-scale horror packs a big punch.

7: "Chilling Effects" Experience the spine-tingling thrills of puppet-based scares.

8: "Scare Tactics" Discover how the Director uses clever camera angles for maximum fright.

9: "Unleashing Horror" Get ready to be terrified by the Director’s twisted vision.

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