1: "Deadpool 3 trailer drops Marvel multiverse bombshell at Super Bowl 2024."

2: "Fans lose it as Wolverine makes unexpected appearance in Deadpool 3 teaser."

3: "Marvel universe shattered in Deadpool 3 preview with Wolverine crossover."

4: "Super Bowl 2024 delivers jaw-dropping Deadpool 3 and Wolverine mashup."

5: "Deadpool 3 teaser trailer showcases wild Marvel multiverse twist with Wolverine."

6: "Wolverine joins Deadpool in mind-blowing crossover event at Super Bowl 2024."

7: "Marvel's Deadpool 3 trailer unveils epic multiverse chaos with Wolverine cameo."

8: "Wolverine and Deadpool collide in explosive Super Bowl 2024 trailer debut."

9: "Get ready for Deadpool 3 as Marvel multiverse goes wild with Wolverine cameo."

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