1: Uncover the rare 45k Bicentennial Quarter at Collectors Extravaganza. Discover its value and history.

2: Explore 6 additional gems at the event. From coins to stamps, find treasures for your collection.

3: Join fellow enthusiasts at the Collectors Extravaganza. Network, learn, and expand your passion for numismatics.

4: Attend workshops and panels on coin grading, authentication, and preservation. Enhance your collecting skills.

5: Discover unique pieces at the auction. Bid on exclusive items and add rarities to your collection.

6: Meet expert appraisers and get your items valued. Learn about market trends and investment opportunities.

7: Connect with like-minded collectors. Share stories, swap items, and build friendships within the hobby.

8: Browse exhibits showcasing rare coins, vintage currency, and historical artifacts. Immerse yourself in numismatic history.

9: Experience the thrill of Collectors Extravaganza. Find rare gems, meet experts, and expand your collection.

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