1: "Bill Murray returns in iconic jumpsuit for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer."

2: "Join the Ghostbusters team on a chilling new adventure with Bill Murray's comedic touch."

3: "Laugh out loud as Bill Murray battles frozen ghosts in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire."

4: "Experience the nostalgia and humor of the original Ghostbusters series with Bill Murray."

5: "Bill Murray's wit shines in the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer, bringing back classic fun."

6: "Get ready for a wild journey with Bill Murray in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire sneak peek."

7: "Ghostbusters Frozen Empire promises thrills and laughs, thanks to the return of Bill Murray."

8: "Bill Murray reprises his role as funnyman in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer."

9: "Ghostbusters Frozen Empire featuring Bill Murray promises a ride of comedy and ghostly action."

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