1: Apple may have to switch from Lightning to USB-C in future iPhones, following European Parliament's push for a single charging standard.

2: The move would benefit consumers by reducing e-waste and improving compatibility with other devices.

3: Apple has resisted the shift in the past, citing concerns about the impact on existing accessories.

4: However, with increasing pressure from regulators and environmental groups, a change could be on the horizon.

5: USB-C offers faster charging speeds and a universal standard that is widely adopted across the tech industry.

6: While Lightning has served Apple well for years, a transition to USB-C could be inevitable in the coming years.

7: The switch could also lead to cost savings for both Apple and consumers, as USB-C cables are more affordable and readily available.

8: Overall, the move towards adopting USB-C in future iPhones aligns with global trends towards sustainability and interoperability.

9: While the transition may pose initial challenges for Apple, it represents a positive step towards a more environmentally-friendly and user-friendly future.

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