1: Discover the rare dimes and bicentennial quarter worth ninety million dollars each still circulating today.

2: Learn about the 1796 dime, 1916-D Mercury dime, and the 1970-S small date dime among the rare finds.

3: Explore the history and value behind the 1870-CC Seated Liberty dime and the 1885 Liberty Head dime.

4: Find out why the 1894-S Barber dime and the 1913 Liberty Head nickel are highly sought after by collectors.

5: Uncover the secrets of the Bicentennial quarter and its estimated value of ninety million dollars.

6: Discover the special design and minting process that makes the Bicentennial quarter so unique and valuable.

7: Learn how to identify these rare coins and where you might come across them in everyday circulation.

8: Understand the importance of checking your coins for rare and valuable finds that could be hidden in plain sight.

9: Join the search for these elusive coins and potentially uncover a hidden gem worth millions in your pocket.

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