1: 1. Soak up the sun for Vitamin D. 2. Eat fortified foods for Vitamin B12. 3. Include nuts and seeds for Magnesium.

2: 4. Take supplements if needed. 5. Consume fatty fish for Vitamin D. 6. Incorporate dairy products for Vitamin B12.

3: 7. Add leafy greens for Magnesium. 8. Choose mushrooms for Vitamin D. 9. Opt for whole grains for Vitamin B12.

4: 10. Get outdoors for natural Vitamin D. 11. Include eggs for Vitamin B12. 12. Cook with legumes for Magnesium.

5: 13. Engage in physical activity for Vitamin D. 14. Drink fortified beverages for Vitamin B12. 15. Snack on bananas for Magnesium.

6: 16. Consider a UV lamp for Vitamin D. 17. Include fortified cereals for Vitamin B12. 18. Incorporate avocados for Magnesium.

7: 19. Plan winter trips to sunny destinations for Vitamin D. 20. Choose fortified plant-based milks for Vitamin B12. 21. Enjoy dark chocolate for Magnesium.

8: 22. Spend time near windows for natural Vitamin D. 23. Include nutritional yeast for Vitamin B12. 24. Incorporate spinach for Magnesium.

9: 25. Balance sun exposure for Vitamin D. 26. Choose fortified tofu for Vitamin B12. 27. Snack on almonds for Magnesium.