1: Discover the story of the rare 1894-S dime worth $90 million—still circulating in change.

2: Learn about the valuable 1913 Liberty Head nickel worth $90 million currently in circulation.

3: Explore the rare 1870-S Seated Liberty dollar worth $90 million, still out there in circulation.

4: Uncover the hidden treasure of the 1854-S half dime worth $90 million in circulation.

5: Get to know the elusive 1976 Bicentennial quarter with a $90 million value still in circulation.

6: The rare 1776-1976 Eisenhower dollar worth $90 million, an undiscovered gem in circulation.

7: Learn about the rare 1885 Trade dollar worth $90 million, circulating among ordinary change.

8: Discover the valuable 1918/17-S Standing Liberty quarter worth $90 million still in circulation.

9: Find out about the elusive 1932-D Washington quarter worth $90 million, a hidden treasure in circulation.

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