1: 1. Tinted Windows: Laws vary, but in some states, windows must allow at least 70% of light to pass through.

2: 2. Loud Exhaust Systems: Some cities have noise ordinances restricting the level of exhaust noise.

3: 3. Lifted or Lowered Suspension: Modifications that drastically alter the vehicle's height may be illegal.

4: 4. Altered Headlights: Certain modifications can affect visibility and are not compliant with safety regulations.

5: 5. Illegal LED Lights: Some states have restrictions on the colors and placement of LED lights on vehicles.

6: 6. Modified Engine: Altering the engine or exhaust system may violate emissions laws.

7: 7. Oversized Wheels: Installing wheels that exceed the manufacturer's recommended size can lead to legal issues.

8: 8. Unapproved Racing Stripes: Custom decals and stickers that obstruct visibility are not permitted.

9: 9. Altered Bumpers or Grilles: Changes to the vehicle's front-end design may not meet safety standards.

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