This Rare Bicentennial Quarter Has Nearly $40K Value: 5 More Worth Over $120,000 πŸ’²πŸ’²

Coins have been cherished collectibles for centuries, and among the most sought-after are rare and valuable quarters. These small pieces of currency can hold significant worth, with some commanding astonishing prices in the collector’s market. In this listicle, we’ll explore the fascinating world of rare quarters, focusing on the Bicentennial Quarter with a nearly $40,000 value and five more quarters worth over $120,000 each.

Bicentennial Quarter – Nearly $40,000 Value

The Bicentennial Quarter, minted in 1976, commemorated the 200th anniversary of the United States. What makes this quarter particularly valuable is a minting error that occurred during its production. Some quarters from this series were struck on silver planchets intended for proof coins, leading to a scarcity of these quarters in circulation. A Bicentennial Quarter in pristine condition with this error can fetch close to $40,000 in the collector’s market.

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter – Over $120,000

The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter is a classic and highly sought-after coin among collectors. Designed by renowned sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil, these quarters are known for their intricate details and artistic beauty. The 1916 version, with a bare-breasted Liberty figure, is especially valuable. In good condition, it can be worth well over $120,000.

1796 Draped Bust Quarter – Over $120,000

Dating back to the early days of the United States Mint, the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter is a true numismatic treasure. Featuring a graceful design of Liberty with flowing drapery, this quarter is extremely rare due to its limited mintage. In fact, only a few hundred of these quarters are estimated to exist today. If you’re lucky enough to find one in excellent condition, its value can easily exceed $120,000.

1932-D Washington Quarter – Over $120,000

The 1932-D Washington Quarter is a key date in the Washington Quarter series. What sets this coin apart is the “D” mintmark, indicating it was struck at the Denver Mint. With a low mintage of just over 400,000, these quarters are scarce in high-grade condition. A well-preserved 1932-D Washington Quarter can command prices north of $120,000 at auction.

2004 Wisconsin State Quarter – Over $120,000

Among the more modern coins on this list, the 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter is famous for a die variety known as the “Extra Leaf.” This variety features an extra leaf on the ear of corn on the reverse side. Due to its rarity, collectors are willing to pay well over $120,000 for an authentic example in pristine condition.

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The world of rare and valuable quarters is a testament to the enduring fascination with coin collecting. From the Bicentennial Quarter with a nearly $40,000 value to the historical treasures like the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter and the artistic beauty of the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, these coins tell the story of our nation’s history. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one of these rare gems in your pocket change or inherit a collection, you could be holding a small fortune in the palm of your hand. So, keep an eye out for these hidden treasures, as they could be your ticket to numismatic wealth.

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